Review of William Shakespeare's Hamlet

William Shakespeare's Hamlet

by Clare Kelly

While I dread the thought of boring my reader with preachy nonsense, I must express that William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of the best novels I have read within my high school career. I know what you are thinking, “Shakespeare? There is no way anything can be gained from this 16th century ramble,” but you must hear me out. While I do have bias, (through my love for everything Shakespeare) Hamlet truly does incorporate complex characters, tragic miscommunications, and a dreadful climax. And like any Shakespearean tragedy, the play does not disappoint in its conclusional bloodshed.

So, why is it so great? For me, the exceptional part of Hamlet is the complexity of Shakespeare’s characters, and their unique style and personalities. Looking thoroughly, many of the deaths and quotes with Hamlet have much deeper meaning than the reader might initially observe. The puns and confusing language can be a barrier for many people towards seeing the true nature of the lessons learned. Much like Hamlet himself, Shakespeare’s language is so intellectual, it is hard for many people to understand the true nature of his thoughts.

Regardless, I must recommend this play to you because it truly is one of Shakespeare’s finest works. While the language is a drag to analyze, the messages exposed are worthwhile.