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Threaded Planet is an Art based organization created in 2017 by myself, Arshad Aziz. Our Mission is to highlight the environmental impact of Landfills which is a major contributing factor of pollution leading to Climate Change. We use Art as a weapon to fight this battle known as Global Warming.

As is commonly known, Landfills are created to store garbage, food waste, industrial waste, solid and hazardous waste. This includes anything ranging from paper, plastics, rubber, textile, metal, wood and glass. Solid waste landfills are the main source of an alarming rate of ground water and soil pollution by toxins which eventually end up in our food chain. The decomposing processes also release Methane and other harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Untreated chemicals are being dumped into our rivers which is increasing the rate of cancer and other diseases.

Our Philosophy is simple. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose anything and everything. We aim to educate our communities through workshops, lectures, exhibitions and classes on how to create a work of art using an object that was ultimately meant to end up in a landfill. We focus on creating sustainable pieces of wearable art, wall art, furniture and more. Our message is not about a short term fix, but in reality a glimpse into a Journey filled with a future of a more cleaner, responsible, sustainable lifestyle.

Our workshops are an adventure into your mind to bring out what you can do, at any age, to recycle or repurpose your own items or belongings into a work of art by thinking outside the box. Whether it is upcycling your old jeans or sweater to reduce landfill, or a lesson in ways to reduce your carbon footprint by going Zero Waste, a change in your shopping, dining or driving habits, indoor and outdoor activities, or switching to sustainable, cleaner energy, we aim to help change the current mindset of endless waste and focus on cleaning up the pollution of our Planet.

My exhibit focusses primarily on Textile Art using different mediums wherever possible. I have used repurposed textiles as Fiber Art to create a series of pieces that are divided into the following categories:

  1. Pictures that tell a story from different parts of the world (Both Wall Art and Wearable Art).

  2. Puppets and mannequins made entirely of repurposed fabric, yarns and pieces of furniture which is a visual representation of the ancient art of Dollmaking. Specifically, Rag Dolls that were originally made of leftover pieces of cloth thousands of years ago.

  3. Three Dimensional visual representations of how our natural marine ecosystems are steadily being destroyed. Specifically focusses on Coral Reef destruction.


Website: threadedplanet.com

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