Exhibits Policy

West Orange Public Library: Policy on Exhibits

Having considered the limited exhibit space within the Library, and having determined that exhibits related to the themes of Library programs is a priority, the West Orange Public Library (the "Library") adopts the following policy governing the use of its exhibit space.

1.1 Except as otherwise state below, the exhibit cases of the Library are reserved exclusively for exhibits sponsored by the Library and are not open to the public.

1.2 The Library will consider both local and non-local artowrk in creating its exhibits and will retain a file of photographs of artwork submitted to it for future review. The Library is under no obligation to choose artwork from the file of retained photographs. In formulating its exhibits, the Library will also consider sources outside of the file of retained photographs.

1.3 On an annual basis, the Library will cosponsor an exhibit of student artwork with the West Orange Board of Education.

Adopted by the West Orange Public Library Board of Trustees March 25, 2004.