46 Mount Pleasant Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052

Art Exhibit

Zouzou Limelight


Born in Paris in 1969 Zouzou Limelight (Jean Minthe is his real name) has always been surrounded by images. Some from his father’s 16mm film camera and the magic Polaroid pictures he took with his first camera at the age of 8 (even selling them, already; in the “Quartier Latin“ in Paris.). After mediocre years of high school Zouzou starts working for the advertising business as a graphic designer. Then he enters the prestigious National School Of Journalism, where he learns the basis of Information Design which still stands as his golden rules today—Focus, Clarity, Precision. In 2005 he moves to Brazil where he works as a freelance Project Manager (Marketing/Communication) and starts getting involved in the São Paulo photographic scene. Arrived in NJ in October 2016 he explores the area with his camera and captures his vision of the USA.

Fantastic Shoppers' Portrait

is a series of photographs about the brand identity of big chain retail stores and how it models our shopping habits. What behavior they imply, what they project on people. Would shopping at Kings make you a great cook or an educated gourmet? The books you buy at Barns & Noble, will they make you a smarter person? Do liquor stores sell happiness or hangover? Answers to these questions might be in the photographs, all staged, shot by Zouzou Limelight who is also the model.