Schedule of Fines and Fees

Schedule of Fines, Fees and Charges on Overdue, Lost or Damaged Materials

Overdue Fines*

Adult Books* & CD's: N/A

Children's and Young Adult materials N/A

Adult DVDs: N/A

Magazines: N/A

*Materials owned by other libraries may have different fine policies. Most 28-day books, magazines, audiobooks and CDs may be renewed twice. New books may be renewed once. Items reserved by another patron and movies may not be renewed.


All due dates for materials checked out of the library are provided on a printed slip at the time of checkout. Patrons may also check their online record or call the library at any time to verify due dates. Failure to receive courtesy or overdue notices does not relieve you of your obligation to pay any accrued.

Collection Costs

1. Notice:

A notice is sent to the patron when the item is approximately 14 days past due. A second notice is sent to patrons when an item is 28 days past due.

2. Billing and Referral to Collection Agency:

Approximately 60 days after an item is past due, the Library will bill the patron for the replacement cost of the item. If the amount owed by the patron exceeds $100, the Library will refer the account to a collection agency and the patron will be responsible for all charges connected with collection.

Calculation of Replacement Cost of Lost or Damaged Materials

A. Lost Items:

1. The patron will be responsible for the replacement cost of all lost items. The patron may provide an exact copy of the item-in new condition-as a replacement for a West Orange lost item.

2. If the item is no longer available, the Library will charge as its replacement cost the default amount determined by the BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee.

Material Type

Replacement Cost



Board Books




Early Reader


Graphic Novel




Juvenile Hardcover


Juvenile Paperback




Large Print


Miscellaneous Media


Miscellaneous Print








Picture Book


Preloaded Device










Spoken Word


Trade Paperback



3. The replacement cost of a lost issue of a magazine is the current charge for an issue of the magazine.

4. If a patron pays for a lost item and subsequently finds it, the Library will issue a refund only if the patron returns the item to the Library within 1 month of the date when the item was billed. If the patron has chosen to provide a replacement copy of the lost item, the Library will not issue a refund.

Damaged Items:

The Library will charge the patron the replacement cost, as defined above, of any item which the Library, in its sole discretion, determines has been damaged.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

In addition to the fees and charges set forth above, the Library will suspend the borrowing privileges of any patron who owes the Library more than $10 dollars in fees, and other charges.  The Library will also suspend a patron’s reciprocal borrowing (ReBL) privileges at the same time. The Library will restore borrowing privileges only after the patron has settled the account in full.  In the event a check presented for payment is returned, a returned check fee of $20 will be added to the patron account, and borrowing privileges suspended until payment is made in full.

Interlibrary Loans and Reciprocal Borrowing

A patron borrowing an item from another library by way of interlibrary loan will be responsible for the fees, fines, and charges set forth above as well as any fees, fines, and charges assessed by the originating library.

A patron borrowing an item from the Library through the REBL program will be responsible for the fees, fines, and charges set forth above. In addition, the Library will send a bill for all lost items to the patron’s home library.

Schedule of Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Replacement Library Cards

There is a $3.00 charge for a replacement library card.

Nonresident Membership

The fee for a nonresident membership is $100 a year. A nonresident membership card is an individual card, not a family membership.

Additionally, a three-month nonresident membership card may be purchased for $30. Reciprocal borrowing privileges are not available with a three-month card.

Photocopying and Printing

Self-service printing and photocopying are available. There is a fee of 15 cents /page for b&w photocopies or b&w computer printouts; there is a fee of $1/page for color photocopies or color computer printouts; there is a fee of 10 cents /page for microform copies; there is a fee of $8 for flash drives.

The Library will not accept personal checks for amounts under $10. Credit cards may be used to pay fines (with a $1 fee per transaction.) Patrons may also pay through their online library account.

Adopted by West Orange Public Library Board of Trustees, March 25, 2002 Revised December 2003 Modified September 2004;Modified September 2004 and September 2006, May 2007, & April 2010; Revised April 28, 2011 (effective date June 1, 2011), Revised April 2012; Revised February 2014; Revised May 2015; Revised January 2020; Revised August 2023